Blog about The Change of Commonalities

Author: Te Putorino King

Image: P J Shepard 


We are all here as mere human beings, so why is it that we treat one another unfairly with cruelty. We say we live in a fair society of justice served best, yet why do we stand at the mercy feet of our suppressor. We, as a nation, say we are free to choose our future, yet fail to exercise our basic fundamental values that we supposedly believe in. We strive to win intuitively without contention. Yet unfortunately lay helpless in defence to ultimate oppression. When will we decline segregation and re-apply integration of native indigenous peoples ethical rights to speak solely or collectively for the whole majority. Our leader of today made it known that her ultimate desire is to create a safer country for our children yet how do we facilitate this if we can barely manage as adults. How does any child maintain concise control of their own visions and dreams if they aren’t entirely aware of who they are and where they’ve been in order to fully understand where it is that they’re going. We have a vision, to raise future generations in an environment which culturally identifies who they are and where they belong. We have a duty to fulfill all changes for all generations involved but especially for our ancestors who fought bravely and our children who stand here so boldly. We envision to uphold the legacy of those who once stood for us to be where we are today. By doing so we enable healing of inter generational trauma which ultimately deters the very essence of our people. We incorporate change through actively protecting our rights and exercising our responsibilities as indigenous people. We potentially make a difference by influencing others utilising all platforms available. We will continue to oppose silence and project our voices to promote peace and protection to our past, present and future as we persistently hold those responsible accountable for their actions. We will always stand for those who continue to battle the inevitable of inter generational roles of leadership and it is because of their distinct battle wounds that enhances my strength and integrity today. So we will proceed to empower and educate the truthful knowledge and long lasting effect history has played in all of our lives. Regardless of the intensity of the force of authorities, we in our divine nature’s will advance forward in faith for our own individual worth and good works of prosperity. No longer will we emancipate ourselves in exile but wither through the flames of injustice. Martin Luther King said “again and again we must rise to the majestic heights of meeting physical force with soul force”. Well today, I say it is because of our soul force that connects with our physical force that allows our majestic heights to rise. Again! And Again!” - Just another post for the blog that I did back when the protest of Ihumātao first started

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