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We are motivated by many things in this world, Family, Faith and wholesome recreational activity is important to us. Our goal is to blog about everything and anything from our culture and Indigenous issues to inspiring stories of being triumphant over adversity. So you will see our blog grow as we talk about the latest and greatest trends we see!

One I do want to point out is the amazing UFC middle weight champion Israel Adesanya taking on the current light heavy weight champion Jan Blachowicz. This will be the Style Benders biggest test in the UFC octagon but check out his post on his Instagram page and the confidence and determination he has to beat his opponent.

The Nigerian born, Kiwi is out to become one of the greatest fighters in UFC history. He has dominated the middle weight division and is out to become the king of the light heavy weight division. Do you think he has what it takes to win this weekend? we believe he does have what it takes to be the double champion not purely because we are fans but because he has held his own in the light heavy weight division when he use to kick box in NZ. He dominated the transtasman king of the ring competition and destroyed everyone he came up against. Style bender has more confidence and a reputation to up hold. Hes not only representing his family but the country of his birth, Nigeria. He is doing it for all the New Zealanders! We just want to wish him all the best! 

Youtube credit to the Mac life 

Photo credit to UFC

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