Crypto and NFTs why we are excited!

Many would have seen the excitement happening around the crypto space and NFT's. NFT's are known as Non Fungible tokens, and have seen a lot of hype over the last few months. NFT's are in essence digital collectables which authenticity can be verified on the block chain. One platform that excites me is top shot where you can purchase moments of NBA games and many more. Some have fetched for 10s of millions of dollars. Why do you think people are excited about NFT's? I am not sure myself but i do see the potential of using an NFT as currency in future. 

Let me explain more! If there was a way to eliminate fees, interest rates, and use technology that can confirm an authentic transaction any where in the world would you use it? If you could invest in a project in the early days where you could increase your return by almost 3000% would you do it? I have had to learn about Crypto and seen some amazing advantages of using this technology. Many people find it is too much to fathom! I get this all the time....... i get this all the time! "So what your telling me is if i put $1000 into a crypto project i may see a return of $33,000?"(In some cases people have seen some of these returns but are not typical results).

Why is this an exciting time? Its exciting becuase if you liken it to when the Internet first came out crypto is at the year 1990. We are still in its infancy and with a market value of 2 trillion dollars Crypto, and NFT's are not going anywhere. The gold market cap is 9 trillion dollars, and when the crypto market cap value matches the gold market you will see your bit coins value multiply by 9 on the current price of $58k USD. Can we see BITCOIN worth 522k one day? I believe so and i believe we are at a time where we have an oppotunity to develop generational wealth. 

This is by far not financial advice! This is just a brief explanation of why people worldwide are excited about crypto. Crypto is a decentralised solution to building life changing wealth. I believe i will not see the benefits of Crypto but this is my way to set my kids up for a better life. 

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Disclaimer: I advise people to educate yourself before purchasing as there are risks and the market is very volatile and seek professional financial advice.