Memories of meeting Katchafire will stick with me forever!


Many years ago whilst serving a mission i was appointed in the Chartwell area of Hamilton. It was so cold riding my bike it hurt lol. I remember riding down this street and could hear music being played in a garage. We walked towards the shed where we saw a band playing music. Little did we know who we were walking towards. Katchafire rehearsing their new album that they were almost about to release. The album was  "say what your thinking" released in 2007. They were awesome enough to allow us to watch history in the making. The gritty song Working really was raw but sat in my soul for weeks. 

My companion and i would watch songs like Say what your thinking, and Love letter being practiced before they were being released. They also did the vibey song This world which was a different sound but one that stuck in our minds travelling the Hamilton streets. 

Mr Jamey Furgerson started to teach them his song Pain and it was inspiring to see his decisive and unique gift. This day blew my companion and I away. We literally were amazed at what we had just watched. To end the day on a high we had taken a photo with the band for memories to tell in the future. 

Karawhiua really brought those memories back for me and really inspires me about being Maori from Aotearoa. This is by far my favourite Katchafire song, and just love the song in my own language. Check it out now!

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