Nicola Adams AKA Nixx


One of my most favourite influencers has been the highlight of my covid 19 experience with her skits of Jacinda Ardern which left my wife in I in fits of laughter. Her skits wanted to make us learn more of her so we dug deeper into who she was and where she was from. If you haven't heard of Nicola Adams I really dont know where you have been hiding. 

Nicola also known as Nix helped many of us New Zealanders through a very hard time during the covid lockdowns with her NZ humour and role plays. We listened to some amazing interviews from the Plant Based Maori and the deep dive into getting to know Nix and where she came from and how she over came some major hurdles to happiness.  

She turned to social media to help her through her rough times and eventually became an internet sensation. We were so blessed to be able to work with her on a previous "This is me" campaign. Check out her story or follow her social channel for a good laugh!