This is what excites me about the music industry in Australia!


Im a huge fan of the music scene here in Australia, and it has been a huge shift from when i was younger. I grew up in the era of King Kapisi, Deceptikonz, Scribe and Smash Proof. These guys moved the music industry in New Zealand and i distinctively remember walking down Merrylands Road walking to get me a kebab and hearing the Lyrics "How Many dudes you know flow like this" "Not many, If any! I looked and it was a group of Lebanese rocking to Scribe and Savage. 

Fast forward to today and its now the Poly movement here in Australia really making a noise. There are giants like One Four, and HP boys really hitting the scene hard and local Goodna artists Lisi and the West really doing amazing things. I get excited when i hear Planet Vegeta and there soulful sounds from Sydney. I am excited for local artists Maz and producer Dimes with their new track S.T.L (Summer Time Lover)

By far the biggest artist to come out of Australia at the moment is Laroi and he is really doing some big things state side. I really love music coming from Australia and New Zealand and to see the progress of the Polynesian artists has been inspiring. One of the things i remember when talking to Lisi about where he gained alot of his inspiration. I remember him mentioning about how growing up in Australia Polynesians grew up listening to New Zealand hiphop music. Now the tables have turned and Australian Hiphop is really making moves in the New Zealand radio waves. 

Back in the late 90s and early 2000s many Polynesians moved from New Zealand to search for better opportunities and fast forward now we are seeing the children of all those people who moved over are really thriving from the opportunities here in Australia. Im excited and cant wait to see this industry thrive and see who is the next big thing in the Australian music industry! We had the chance to work with local talents Stanley T, Say True God, and Calvin Pritchard and they have been on my play list on repeat for months! We are also seeing this shift in the sports where Polynesians are really progressing in Rugby, Rugby League and Netball. 

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