Who is Two Seven Five? and Mangere Official

So we sat down with the owner of Twosevenfive barbers and merchant Fitz to get to know him more and the vision he has for Twosevenfive. The numbers 275 is known as the local code for Mangere. I grew up in Mangere and with Fitz and have developed ourselves from a low economic area in South Auckland to being business owners with visions and goals to inspire others from not only South Auckland but anyone who has grown up from bad circumstances. 

Fitz has developed his barbers, Music studio and clothing and putting Twosevenfive on the map. There is one thing i love about Twosevenfive and that is the fact that they give back so much to the community. They offer support to those in need and out there working in the community of Mangere. Twosevenfive have been able to unite the hiphop scene to bring the hiphop cypher. See the video attached. Two Seven Five and now Mangere Official I just love this nostalgic brand!

Twosevenfive helped launch L.Eyes Eyewear in the early days and will forever be indebted to this brand!

Please introduce yourself to everyone and explain why you started twosevenfive?

Fitz- Whats up im Fitz and the reason why i started Twosevenfive as a brand because i believe it was what Mangere was missing.

What are some of the challenges you faced during Covid 19?

Fitz- The challenges that we faced was not being able to open the shop at all because we were a barber shop and couldn't do close contact cuts. At the same time Covid helped us get our brand out there because everyone was locked down and everyone was making money but no where to spend it so we posted up and sold merch which helped us get our brand out there.

Why Mangere?

Fitz- Because Mangere is always frowned upon by everyone outside of Mangere so it was time that we from Mangere create the narritive around Mangere. Also Mangere has pretty much everything there.

Where do you see yourself and twosevenfive in 5 years time?

Fitz- We are going to be the number one merch brand to come out of Mangere and South Auckland and be the biggest Barbers and increase our workforce to create a million dollar revenue to support the community and continue to build and keep the system running. 

Share an Experiences of us growing up in Mangere and why was sit so significant?

Fitz- We use to wheel and deal back in the days so business was always right for us and entreprenuership was always in the blood. As we got older we became legit and here we are. 

What advice would you give to others wanting to start a business?

Fitz- My advice would be to just start and action your idea and no one can see your vision like you and people will always doubt you at the start. if you can envision it you can achieve it. So just action it. Easy!


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