Why I think Lisi is one of the most talented artist in Australia

Yes You read right! we are big fans of the Goodna local artist who goes by the name of Lisi. His song "Say Less" hit the ground running and got worldwide attention almost instantly. His sounds and bars were tough and grab everyones attention while putting Brisbane on the map in the hiphop scene. 

We recently filmed a promo video with him to the song "Got this" and its a personal favourite of mine when i need motivation. Whilst meeting Lisi i could sense he was a decisive person that knew what he wanted to achieve and his work ethic is second to none. My first impression of Lisi was a positive one. You could sense he has been through alot from the scars he carries. They tell a story of where he came from to where he is now. 

He has dropped his new song called Good life and its another motivating song that has done some amazing numbers on Youtube. We think Lisi is one of the most talented artists because upon meeting him you could sense he swings to the beat of his own song. We love the fact that he represents the 43 hard! and has put Brisbane on the map for hiphop music. He has inspired many more amazing Polynesian rappers in the Brisbane scene. You now see tha West, Nokz and Amuthamc really doing some amazing things in the Brisbane scene. 

Lisi showed his humilty when giving props to Amuthamc who has been in the scene the longest and pushing his talents. We want to wish Lisi nothing but respect and love for the future. We believe the Hiphop scene in Brisbane is in good hands!

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