Distributor Packages

Distributor packs are to be sold by retailers and must be advertised as L.Eyes Eyewear. All photos and marketing material are intellectual property of L.Eyes Eyewear and must be used in accordance to the commercial agreement that accomapnies this agreement. 

By purchasing an distributor pack you will advertise all glasses as L.Eyes Eyewear. 

Retailers must sell L.Eyes Eyewear sunglasses with the L.Eyes product label and must not attach their own tag.

All designs are the intellectual property of L.Eyes Eyewear. 

L.Eyes Eyewear  Product photos must not be altered in anyway to display your branded sunglasses or business logo.

L.Eyes Eyewear is trademarked in New Zealand and Australia  and own the rights to L.Eyes 

In puchasing any distributor pack the retailer agrees to sign a commercial agreement between L.Eyes Eyewear and the retailer. 

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