Shipping during Covid19

Hi, like most people we have all been affected by Covid in some way. Recent decisions to close boarders have created many issues to businesses including ours.  We currently use Auspost to ship our products and Auspost have released a statement in regards to all postage which affects our business and our customers. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Auspost have ceased all express postage because they cannot ensure it will make the deadlines. As for international orders it is still possible to order but there are delays of 15-18 days. This is out of our hands. We will continue to post your orders. A few have requested refunds but we cannot offer refunds until the product has been returned to us in new condition. 

All orders are subject to additional import taxes and charges in your own particular country. These extra costs will need to be paid by you the customer. This can be sorted by your local customs authorities. 


We thank you for your support and understanding.