Growing a side hustle with Automation!

Growing a business is very difficult and has its many challenges. Whats even more harder is growing the business while having a full time job. There has to be clear boundaries, I think it needs to be clear to allow you to seperate your work life, business life and family life. When starting L.Eyes Eyewear our goal was just to make some extra cash to help when we were waiting for our baby to be born. 

We actually fell in love with our business and saw great potential and we evolved in all aspects of business. Often as a start up business you have to wear many hats! One day you are into product development, then sales and advertising, then your needing to create strategies, and the list goes on. One thing i find is that you can only do so much, and one of our strengths is looking at our processes and perfecting them.

In order to perfect your process we had to have those clear boundaries. We never were perfect at them but slowly progressed to get better. If you want a side hustle, You need to run it as a side hustle only, if you want a full time business you need to run a full time business. We have been able to manage our business as a side hustle only and have never needed to hire staff. We would automate processes to save us having to do them. People see us out on the weekends at our girls sports, and doing a lot of family trips and people wonder how when we work full time and operate a business. This simple answer is automation. We quickened process so we could spend more time as a family and it took us years to perfect. Is it perfect now? not by any chance but it is so much more easier from when we first started.

If we could encourage anyone on starting a business we would suggest a ecommerce business because it can generate money while you sleep and it also can be automated easily. 


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