Happy Two Seven Five Day


Growing up in Mangere is a unique experience and we are keen to celebrate 275 day which is celebrated on the 27th May of every year. There is always a negative stigma when it comes to South Auckland and Mangere. However there are many wonderful and amazing things unique to Mangere. Here is a list i think will change your mind on why Mangere is a great place. 

Mangere is the gate way to Auckland and welcomes millions of visitors at the Auckland Airpot. Many people don't realise the Auckland Airport is actually in Mangere. There are many beautiful coastal walks in Mangere and also some really amazing fishing spots you can catch Snapper, Kahawai and many other amazing fish species in the Manukau harbour. Many locals don't share their secret spots but Mangere Bridge is always the usual and packed on most days. 

The Maunga is see anywhere in Mangere and has a majestic beauty about it. It is shared everyday with an amazing walk and amazing views of Mangere and Auckland. It is home to one of the oldest Pa sites in all of New Zealand. 

Mangere is home to many sports stars from the likes of David Tua, Joseph Parker, Mark Hunt, and Valerie Adams just to name a few. One of the Primie Ministers of NZ came from Mangere, Sir David Launge and the homestead is still there to this day. 

Mangere is home to some of the best Bakerys in NZ, Mangere bridge has Hong Kong bakery, and Wickman Way has the best Chocolate cake you have ever seen. World famour in NZ. lol

Currently some of the biggest musical talents are from Mangere. You have the likes of Skip with his song cant stop the shine. There is also Laybaq with his Gfunk sounds and latest track The Weekend. It was good seeing all the homies in the hood back at Imrie ave. Bizzy 5th is also another on the scene doing some amazing things in the music scene. 

One thing i had the pleasure of doing is working with Parker FIlms to create a promo of the 2 FDKNS brothers who did a tribute to DARE who passed away recently. FDKNS graced the walls of all over Mangere to remove all of the graffiti that made Mangere look bad. They would cover it with beautiful art work to get rid of all the ugly tagging. 

Please visit www.twosevenfive.co.nz for all your 275 merch and support your local businesses. We are proud to call Mangere home. 

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