New Sunglass Pre-sale

We have been working on a few new pairs of sunglasses and they are made to the highest quality possible. We are excited about these 2 pairs. We have 2 artists who helped us and they both have amazing work. We are stoked because their work is amazing. MJC Tamoko and Nesian art both have amazing talents and they are the most professional guys you will meet. 

The first pair we are going to release as a presale are called Wai, also know as Water in Maori. The other is called Rakau, named after the material they are made from (wood). There are limited amounts of stock, they come in black lens and we will be dropping the black lenses only. They will be available to post to homes after the 25th September 2021. 

They both come with an L.Eyes signiture box, and Cloth cases designed by MJC tamoko. As I mentioned there is only limited numbers so if you want a pair make sure you jump on the site 3 September 2021 at 0900 AEST to secure your pair. 


thanks so much for the support, We are so greatful.







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