Part 5 of how L.Eyes started

So just to recap, we currently started L.Eyes, we have our sales channels in place and our social channels going and growing. We now have some sales coming through. Traffic to our website has been good and consistant. 

So now that the process was being fine tuned, we looked at our designs. How do we really create a traditional experience with our customers. We teamed up with @Nesianart who is named Dan Irving a very talented Maori artist. He did a few designs for us that really helped us increase our product validity. We communicated what we wanted to our manufacturers showed them the designs and then helped them along the process to make sure the designs were executed well. We had to in essence design them so it was easy for our manufacturers to engrave them and still capture that traditional element and they nailed it. 

One thing people don't realise is the shell work was all done by us. We would complete all our paua shell at our home. It was something we knew we had to do to make sure it was done properly. We released a new range and it took off. We quickly saw our Kaitiaki Sunglasses were becoming a hit. It was a product no one has ever seen before. Māori design, paua shell on a pair of sunglasses. 

We finally knew that we had an amazing unique product but still had more growth to do. We teamed up with an influencer i wont name, but we did a campaign and they really boosted our business and made me realise the power of ecommerce. We did a small promotion and started selling. The sale started at midnight and i remember my wife at midnight waking me up going babe its going crazy! Ping ping ping, by the time i woke up for work i had checked my phone and we had already made $5k in sales. We watched all day! Ping, ping, ping, and every hour we would just have sale after sale. I called my supplier and said i need more sunglasses now! In 7 days they got me another load. By the time i went to bed we had made $17k in sales, by the time i woke up we were at $25k in sales. This really got me.the vision for ecommerce and digital marketing. 

I thought, imagine having a day or month where you make $100k. That is the power of ecommerce. If done right, there is no reason why 100k a month is impossible to achieve. I continued on my learning journey and i found Russel Brunson, the founder of click funnels. I read his book that put things into perspective for me. He awards people who uses his programme and can generate a million dollar in sales. They enter into the 2 comma club and are awarded for their efforts. My goal is to create a funnel that can generate a million dollars. Im not motivated by the money but more so by the learning. I think getting a 2 coma club recognition will be a huge achievement. It's having the logistics to push all that product. It's the product and ensuring theres a demand. Then it's being able to market the services online. 

So for us now, it's more than just L.Eyes, it's seeing how we can now support organisations and charities using the skills we have learned. We sponsered a sports team recently. When we paid the money i said to my wife doesn't that feel good. She said yeah it does actually and for us that is what motivate's us. Helping organisations like Wahine Toa Hunting, Sports teams, families in need, women's refuge etc. So for us giving back is what motivates us. 

Our next campaign is to help I am hope, with every purchase we will donate $5 for every purchase of our Taniwha Package. We just want to be able contribute to amazing mahi like this. Our Taniwha sunglasses will be coming soon. Keep an eye out.

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