The Great Richard Parker

A few weeks ago we had a cool day out in the Gold Coast with none other than the man himself Richard Parker. He is in my opinion one of the biggest musicians to come out of Samoa. His music videos has millions of views and his song Baby Why has amassed over 14 million views.

It was a hot day in the Gold Coast and watching Parker films in his creative element is always inspiring to see. We think this song is just an amazing song and it has been great to watch it all come together. One thing that i love is how he was able to promote brands like Usomoni, Whats goodie, Parker films and ourselves. 

Our little Polynesian community can be very powerful when combining together to promote each other. We are in the process to look at ways to promote small brands, local artists and supporting local business. 2020-2021 has been a rough time due to COVID 19 and we want to reach out to other Polynesian business keen to work together to help promote each others brands. Collectively together we can achieve anything. 

If you have not heard of Richard Parker check out his new song Please understand featuring Buku Wise.

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