We quit our day jobs to focus on L.Eyes full time

In 2017 we started L.Eyes just because we wanted to earn some extra money while my wife was on maternity leave. We had no experience with ecommerce, branding, or marketing. We developed concepts to our sunglasses no one had ever seen before and really pushed the boundaries of our creativity. 

We sold our sunglasses on Facebook and joined many different kiwi pages like Kiwi's in Brisbane. We sold a few pairs of sunglasses here and there and grew a customer base. We then created a website and started selling our sunglasses on a website. We thought if we created a website heaps of people will flock to our website and buy. We were so wrong! and quickly had to learn. We you tubed information on marketing, and started to learn how to drive traffic and sell our branded sunglasses. One advantage we had was that our product was unique and we were the only Polynesian eyewear brand in the world. 

We have grown our socials to over 30k people from all over the world who have supported our business. My wife quit her job this year to focus on the business while I worked full time and helped her on the side. It got a little hard to balance both so now i am risking it and jumping into the business full time too. We have bills, we have a family but one thing that i don't want to do is have the regret of not giving this a go. I don't want to look back and wonder how big L.Eyes could of gotten if we didn't focus on it full time. I want to look back and say Yes we gave it a good go, and we are proud of what we have accomplished. 

We are greatful for the support! we are just a regular Maori couple from NZ trying to provide our girls a better life. We want to teach them that anything is possible if you just work hard. We want them to know that if their parents can create something from nothing then they can too if they have the passion. We look foward to creating the documentary to this whole story soon. 




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