Who is Mr G

Mr G is an inspiring artist from Aotearoa and he has a special gift of capturing an image using spray paint. He is most recognised by doing the portraits of Prince and going to the home town of Prince to share his depiction of the musician and pay tribute to the people.

Mr G has captured the hearts of New Zealanders by sharing his life, his strengths and also his hard times over coming depression. He has shared his work through his social channels and shares his life with his many followers. 

One of the most recent master pieces he has released was his representation of the Saviour Jesus Christ carrying his lifeless body in waves of water parting. It is an amazing representation of how he has centred his faith and the way he overcame some of his hard times. 

If you want to check out his social channels check out Mr G Hoete and his website www.mrghoeteart.com

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